January Newsletter

Welcome to 2022!

The New Year is an opportunity for planning and a time to look at the big picture.

What are you working toward?

The answer to this question tends to be found deep inside you. You may not have ever considered it as a driving force, but it has always been there. What is your core motivation? Business should not be all about profit.

What do you want for your family?

If you are like me, there is nothing more important than your family. How does all your hard work impact them now, and in the future?

What’s your end goal?

Short term goals are designed to lead you to what you are ultimately working toward. Define reachable goals in your family & business and treat them as the building blocks to your ultimate success.

Will the work that you do now get you to your end goal?

What can you change today that will set you on the path to a successful year? Are you utilizing your core talents effectively?

We are always willing to support you and it only takes one call.

Happy New Year!

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Mission Statements

A company’s mission is at the core of why they do what they do, functioning as a foundation that attracts new business and other desired stakeholders to the company. A solid mission statement is useful to unite teams and should be designed to do so.

If your whole team is in alignment on why they show up and why you exist as a company, it gets everyone marching in the same direction.

It’s usually clear that your group is on the same page when they are drawn together and keep coming to work for a reason beyond money. When this is felt, you are sensing the group’s common purpose.

You may have something akin to a mission statement already, but perhaps you haven’t yet written it down or titled it as such. Perhaps your attempt at a mission statement was written years ago and has been long forgotten.

The New Year is an ideal time to create (or revisit) your mission statement. The conversation will be a team builder and an opportunity for unity.

Target with the word Why? in the center.

How to Create a Mission Statement

Invite everyone on your team to brainstorm and share why they work or interact with your business. The team comes up with the mission together, with the help of a leader or facilitator. Remember that it can’t be too long or too complicated.

Consider asking the following questions to spur conversation:

  • Why does the company exist?
  • How do you touch on the values of your customer?
  • Why do you touch on the values of your customer?

Use the ideas and thoughts from your discussion to craft a mission statement that is concise and memorable. Once you have crafted your mission, ensure it meets the following criteria:

  • Is it the reason why you show up every day?
  • Is it inspirational?
  • Does it convey your values, philosophy and purpose?
  • Does it attract desired stakeholders?
  • Is it concise, uncomplicated, and memorable?

Your mission statement is valuable when everyone lives by it. It is then ready to be shared with the world, allowing people to see who you are and why your team shows up. When your mission statement resonates with someone, it attracts them to your business.

Exemplary Mission Statements
NDX logo.

Building a Future 

As a civil contractor, NDX utilizes oversize Tonka trucks or “yellow iron” for demolition, grading, and installing utilities. The company’s construction operations quite literally build a future. However, their purpose is “Building a Future” for their employees, for their owners, and for their clients.

NSA logo.

Network Security Associates
Empower People to Focus on What Matters Most

Network Security Associates is one of Las Vegas’s leading managed service providers. Their services allow their clients to focus on day to day business and not technology matters. Therefore, NSA aims to “Empower People to Focus on What Matters Most” — their work, family or play — without worrying about downtime caused by technology issues or data security attacks.

StarMed Benefits
Educate. Develop. Provide.

StarMed Benefits’ purpose is to educate business owners about unique solutions to comply with employment laws, to develop relationships with brokers and business owners, and to provide healthcare benefit solutions for employees.

Your purpose or mission should be inspiring and should be the driver for why everyone is there or associating with your company.

Q: What does Eagle Corporate Advisor’s mission statement, “Perform Higher,” mean to you?

A: Brian Mohler:

  • “A mission should draw people in and make them want to associate with you and do business with you, whether that means them working for you or becoming your client.  Eagle aims and strives to perform higher in everything we do, while expecting and helping others to do the same. Ultimately, the reason I made the decision to come work for Eagle is the mission to Perform Higher.”

A: Chuck Mohler:

  • “Brian covered our side of it, however “Perform Higher” also refers to our prospects. Clients who are humble, teachable, and focused on improving are the best match for Eagle because we know we can achieve the results they are looking for. There are always ways to improve, no matter what we have achieved.”

When you’ve realized that you cannot reach the next level flying solo, that’s when Eagle will work alongside you, leading your advances, keeping your long-term goals in mind at all times.

The greatest business transaction you’ll ever orchestrate begins with leadership from our experienced mentor-advisors who have your back, every time. Our individualized approach helps you confidently make significant changes and sound business decisions. You’ll discover there’s no better feeling than a renewed awareness of being in control of your own destiny.