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Are things changing too quickly some days and too slowly on others? There’s certainly a lot of change in the air– more than most of us are comfortable with. How can we find the opportunities?

Today requires all the flexibility and momentum that we can gather. When our individual and collective business worlds could be contingent on government decisions that can change at the drop of a hat, more than one back up plan is needed. Shifts in the public mindset also fuel our need for flexibility. This flexibility must be supplemented by the momentum to move forward and by continuing efforts towards more revenue or other advancements. History shows us that during difficult times, companies who put bold plans into action are those that survive. This momentum requires the courage to prepare and to implement unprecedented strategic and tactical plans.

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Fundamentals 2.0: Leadership

Businesses need great leaders– the type who are respected for their commitment to those they are leading. These talented leaders see themselves as a servant of the ever-improving system that they lead, with a responsibility to all those that they serve. They move forward confidently, fixed on a driving aspirational goal. Over time, they attract loyalty, which yields rewards for the entire organization.

Of course there are natural born leaders, but most of us have to work at it. How do you begin to chart this course?

True leadership begins the moment you realize the impact your work has on others. The critical moment is when you realize that your business is a vehicle for serving not only your vital clients, but also your highly valued team and your respected peers.

Unstoppable teams have a well-defined purpose and are comprised of people who feel valued. Are you truly valuing your people?

Perhaps you’ve approached your interactions with your team in the same basic manner for years, always doing things a certain way. No matter which lens you’ve been looking through, each day holds opportunities for growth.

Ideally, we hire and surround ourselves with people who we feel are somehow more talented, stronger, or more intelligent than we are. When we truly and actively recognize these characteristics within our team, along with their skill, kindness or loyalty, it’s easy to value these individuals. Like any skill we develop, actively valuing those around us is rooted in our core values and mindset. Are you able of look at your team and see the world, along with particular workplace challenges, through their eyes? Imagine how, with this ability, you could gain new, subjective insight and expand your capacity for empathy. When tackling challenges and addressing failures, while interacting with your team, your new insight will be priceless.

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning,
but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”
Maria Robinson

“Golf is a uniquely individual sport. It’s just you and the course. The moment you think you know what you’re doing, it humbles you, oftentimes in front of your friends. What I find so beautiful about the game is the mental aspect of it and how it gives a player 18 fresh chances to “start again”. That’s 18 opportunities to either forget the bad things you did on the last hole or remember the good things and use those things to make the next hole better. Golf reflects life. Every day is a new day. An opportunity to forget (or remember) those things that made you better and build upon them or to allow the obstacles and frustrations to bring you down. Like golf, life can be mentally frustrating or exhilarating. It’s what you decide to remember and use to “start over” as you get a new opportunity each day.” – Ryan Bowen, Owner La Paloma Funeral Services

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