December Newsletter

As we consider our blessings, it is always a good time to share by incorporating giving into the company’s people plan for the year ahead.

Also, it is wonderful that Brian Mohler has added a couple feathers to his cap. Keep reading to see his experience and accomplishments.

Merry Christmas to you, your family, and your team!

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Giving Back
Every community has worthy nonprofit organizations that can benefit immensely from the time and talents of teams.

Giving back to the community also is a meaningful and fun way to build camaraderie in your workplace, while furthering your company’s local and regional visibility. Time that your team will spend away from their places of work is well worth the tradeoff.

Volunteering 101
Months in advance, designate a few hours, a half day or a full day for each department to use as volunteer time. Consider involving your team in the search for a project or organization that’s a great match, or a cause that is already dear to an employee’s heart.

Identify enthusiastic participants on your team who would personally be interested in coordinating a joint volunteering effort. Services such as Just Serve, VolunteerMatchVolunteer Center SN, and the Henderson Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Community Cares can help you discover needs in our community, worthy nonprofits, and new ways to give.

If you elect to do a project on-site at your workplace, consider moving it to a space or a setting where the team doesn’t normally work. Taking it outside of the usual office or breakroom space provides a field trip-like environment that contributes to team building.

Workplace Fundraisers
If volunteer projects are not a match for your team, consider fundraisers as an alternative. Employees who are given a voice in choosing the benefactor organization will possess an amplified commitment to making the related activities a success.

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Tying it all Together

Giving initiatives — like everything else — go even smoother the second and third time around. An annual tradition of giving that makes sense for your business and your team gives employees something to look forward to every year and inspires a positive, spirited company culture.

In meetings where ideas for giving back are discussed, be sure to clearly express the importance of balance between charitable activities and the work that is vital to your business and set clear boundaries between the two.

Your employees will love working for an employer who demonstrates care in the community.

Eagle’s Brian Mohler finished off the year with the completion of two new certifications — the CSCA and the CVGA — adding to the value he provides to our clients. We’re sharing the basics of these certifications, along with Brian’s responses to questions we asked.

CSCA logo

The CSCA, or Certified in Strategy and Competitive Analysis, denotes a professional who has earned a seat at an organization’s strategy table. CSCAs add strategic perspectives with the expertise needed to drive the planning process in order to become value creators, not just value stewards.

Q: What was your greatest takeaway from the process of completing the CSCA certification?

A: I discovered it was an opportunity to step back and connect the dots between many different strategic concepts and see how each concept plays into the larger picture of helping Eagle’s clients.

CVGA logo

A CVGA, or Certified Value Growth Advisor, provides expertise, objectivity, and integrity in value growth services by engaging leaders to distinguish themselves in the marketplace as broad-based, trusted advisors. As such, they are equipped to manage the professional resources needed to help clients maximize the value of their companies through business assessment and strategic value enhancements designed to strengthen companies, prepare them for growth, and augment long-term value.

Q: What was the benefit of the CVGA?

A: The core of the CVGA certification includes the major parts of the methodology that Eagle employs, including approaches to the eight fundamental areas of business. Because we apply variations of the methodology to our clients’ individual situations, and teach them along the way, learning this material in-depth was exciting and applicable.

Q: What was your greatest takeaway from the process of completing the CVGA certification?

A: My biggest takeaway from my CVGA training is how every aspect of improving a company drives its value. Taken a step further, each decision affects value for positive or negative. It all comes back to impacting the value of the company, and we aim to enhance that value. Eagle is a catalyst for transformation.

When you’ve realized that you cannot reach the next level flying solo, that’s when Eagle will work alongside you, leading your advances, keeping your long-term goals in mind at all times.

The greatest business transaction you’ll ever orchestrate begins with leadership from our experienced mentor-advisors who have your back every time. Our individualized approach helps you confidently make significant changes and sound business decisions. You’ll discover there’s no better feeling than a renewed awareness of being in control of your own destiny.