July Newsletter

It’s true that you can’t serve everyone, yet you can certainly still choose to positively impact many lives. That’s leadership – and it’s how to truly take care of your people.

Some industries are having challenges finding talent. Owners need to know the best ways to identify highly skilled, competent employees.

How do you know if a person will fit in with your team? Once you’ve hired them, how do you help them grow and succeed? And ultimately, how do you grow your business, allowing ALL your stakeholders – including employees – to prosper?

Eagle partners with our clients to solve issues within each of the fundamental areas of business. Each business is individually as unique as its people and as unique as its challenges.

Enjoy our newsletter focused on people; it’s our hope that it serves you well.

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GPS: People: Personality profiles as a hiring tool

Personality profiles, also known as personality assessments or surveys, can be a useful tool to assist with the hiring and development of quality candidates. Whether you’re looking to streamline the hiring process, eliminate uncertainty or simply avoid particular issues that you’ve encountered in the past, personality profiles allow you to gather information that can’t be easily obtained through the traditional interview process.

Although these assessments shouldn’t be used as a make-or-break hurdle for applicants, they can serve you well as a key element within a larger process and provide insights for a new level of dialogue when getting to know people.

Of the dozens of personality assessment tools available on the market, the following four assessments are worth considering.

CliftonStrengths Assessment evaluates various strengths within individuals, assessing the expression of and the combination of each one. These strengths are sorted into four themes, including strategic thinking, relationship building, influencing, and executing. The resulting feedback is designed to clarify the top soft skills of individuals.

DISC Profile centers around four key personality traits: dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance. It’s designed to help people better understand themselves by providing important insights.

Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator offers feedback indicating different psychological preferences in how people make decisions and how they view the world. The results present personal tendencies within the following categories: introversion vs. extraversion; sensing vs. intuition; thinking vs. feeling; and judging vs. perceiving.

PDP ProScan Survey offers insight into an individual’s perception of self, their reaction to their environment and predictable behavior. It identifies strengths and intensities through a system measuring five traits: dominance (the control trait), extroversion (the people trait), pace/patience (the urgency trait), conformity (the structure trait) and logic (the rationale trait).

Personality profiles help identify character traits that are important for a particular job within a pool of top applicants. The ability to see traits such as patience, extraversion, diplomacy and detail-orientation makes these personality assessments well worth investigating.

StarMed: A Strong Comeback  

Larry Long, the owner of Las Vegas-based StarMed Benefits, has owned numerous businesses in multiple industries. Larry agreed to an interview with The Navigator, to share the story of his relationship with Eagle Corporate Advisors.

What is StarMed Benefits?

“StarMed Benefits is a nationwide, low-cost alternative solution to expensive health care benefits that employers offer their employees. Employers who, in the past couldn’t afford to offer health benefits, have great success with the StarMed program. Our program is low risk and also allows participating employers to be fully compliant with the Affordable Care Act mandates and policies.

StarMed launched in January of 2016. We are a niche product, and we don’t compete with expensive third-party insurance. We have a high retention rate of employers and employees.”

How did you learn about Eagle Corporate Advisors?

“I was referred by a friend who is a successful business associate who had accelerated her business by following the counsel of Eagle. I gave Eagle a call and liked our initial phone call, so I arranged a meeting with Chuck. I was incredibly impressed with our first conversation, and we subsequently had a number of conversations which have evolved into a very extensive business relationship.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it was for me to feel that Eagle’s knowledge was combined with accountability on their part.”

How has Eagle served you and your company, StarMed?

“They were instrumental in recommending, and helping facilitate, the correct way of rebuilding my business and moving me beyond a very challenging business partner split up. Eagle Corporate Advisors helped me put systems in place designed to make sure I didn’t repeat mistakes that had created difficult challenges.

Eagle’s Brian was able to immediately step in and put his technical and logical thinking skills to work. Brian helped handle numerous challenges with software and analytical issues and worked above and beyond reasonable expectations to help get us up and running again. Brian also used his communication skills to rebuild the trust and confidence of our clientele. I have rarely seen such a positive outcome in a short time as I witnessed in Brian’s skills and ability.

From the very beginning, instead of standing on the side saying you ought to do this, and you need to do that, Eagle actually helped do it! They brought in the right people to get things moving forward and to keep them moving forward. As a result of hard work, StarMed remains very solid. We are involved in ongoing planning to ensure that I’m making active strides in the direction of my end goals and no longer just maintaining by working on the issues in front of me today.”

Why do you think some owners hesitate to hire experts like Eagle Corporate Advisors to improve outcomes?

“It’s hard for business owners to recognize the benefit of working with a trusted third party that asks the right questions, listens carefully and works hard to help them find the best answers. Owners typically don’t want to spend money on knowledge and wisdom and understanding. Typically, we want to spend money on products and pieces and parts, which is what we know and what we’re used to.

Eagle is called a consultant in the industry, but they’re really more of a partner. They’re hands-on, and their ability to carry things forward makes them a partner who facilitates and builds with me. They’ve gotten in the mud with me. They have helped carry me through rough days. Just knowing that I have the great resources of Eagle gives me confidence to propel my business forward. I don’t know how we would have come as far as we have without their help.”

It’s ideal for business owners to know a good deal about all aspects of business, but too often they learn the hard way about risky gaps in their mix. Eagle provides the crucial support that identifies deficiencies and fills in these gaps, mitigating the impact of loss and regret – that’s how we serve. And we are able to identify the obstacles that are ahead, allowing owners to successfully navigate around them.

Eagle brings improvements to businesses, increasing appeal to potential investors and increasing the bottom line. Moving forward with heightened confidence and support, you’ll sleep better at night.

This is how we serve.