What makes a family?

Of course, love is a big part of it, but at its foundation, a family is about the trust, honesty and openness you feel with a group of people. With family, you know others have your back, and you have theirs. This comfort has more benefits than a warm feeling of security; it’s necessary for communication, collaboration and success.

A family can be a group of blood-related people or a collective group aimed at the same goal, as in a business environment. All business organizations fall between “strictly business” and “like family,” depending on their culture. At Eagle Corporate Advisors, when we are engaged with a business owner, helping them reach their personal and financial goals, we have to be like family. It’s the only way we can accomplish what we do.

Since November is a month to appreciate family, at home and at work, we wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for your trust, honesty, openness, communication, and collaboration this year. We would also like to welcome new members of the Eagle family, both professional and personal. We are happy to welcome Grace Ivins to the team. The Mohler family also has been blessed by two new arrivals — Emmy and Max, who made me a grandfather again twice in the last month. Both are happy and healthy! There’s no better way to kick off the holiday season.

Introducing Emmy (left) and Max (right)!

Introducing Grace Ivins

Grace Ivins comes to Eagle Corporate Advisors with an MBA from Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah. While studying for her master’s degree, Grace worked as an assistant marketing manager for the university. In that capacity, she managed the finance and economics department as a graduate assistant for the Woodbury School of Business, leading and implementing event and digital marketing strategies along with content creation.

During that time, Grace built a strong educational foundation, which she is excited to put into practice with Eagle Corporate Advisors. With her prior experience in the fields of marketing and consulting, Grace is passionate about creating meaningful relationships. She has the ability to dissect a problem into its most fundamental parts, identify the critical issues, build a strategy, and execute a solution.

We are excited to have Grace on board and have already benefited from her ideas and strong work ethic.

What is teamwork? Boiled down, teamwork is harnessing the collective intelligence and capabilities of individuals, which leads to improved decision-making, increased efficiency, innovation, adaptability, and customer satisfaction — all of which are essential for the growth and sustainability of any business.

Clear communication and open collaboration are the keys to fostering teamwork. Think about how much the members of a family, sports team, or business must collaborate to get even the simplest of tasks done.

Getting dinner on the table seems routine, but let’s look at the collaboration that goes into it. One parent might earn the money to buy the food, and the other might find a recipe and go shopping while the kids pitch in by putting away groceries, assisting with cooking, or setting the table. Even those outside the family have contributed to the task — a doctor may have identified an allergy, and a grocery store manager made decisions about what sales to offer, all of which affect what ends up on the dinner plate.

Likewise, to sell a product or service, businesses have complex teamwork relationships to source supplies, reach customers, close deals, service accounts, and many other necessary steps. As a business owner, you are at the center of a wheel with many spokes — each representing a team member with their own goals, motivations and style of work, as well as their own tools and skill sets.

Diversity among team members enriches the overall dynamics of your business as long as you embrace these differences and can harness the unique strengths of each team member. Doing so can transform the challenges of diversity into opportunities for innovation and growth. As a business owner, your role is not just about managing these differences but leveraging them, ensuring that each spoke in the wheel contributes harmoniously, driving your business toward success.

In his 2002 book “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable,” Patrick Lencioni outlines the top reasons teams break down:

Absence of Trust: When team members are unwilling to be vulnerable within the group, fearing that their weaknesses or mistakes will be used against them, communication is hindered and good ideas remain unexpressed.

Fear of Conflict: Without trust, a team cannot have unfiltered and passionate debates on ideas; instead, communication devolves into veiled discussions and guarded comments.

Lack of Commitment: If conflict is avoided, team members cannot fully commit to decisions, creating an environment where ambiguity clouds purpose.

Avoidance of Accountability: Without a clear plan of action, even the most focused team members hesitate to call out actions and behaviors that seem counterproductive to the overall good of the team.

Inattention to Results: Lacking in trust, commitment, and accountability means team members will naturally put their individual needs, or the needs of their specific department, above the collective goals of the entire team.

Addressing these dysfunctions — preferably before they begin and have a chance to take root in your company culture — is crucial for building a high-performing team that can effectively collaborate and succeed.

“Family means ‘Forget about me, I love you.’”

This popular initialism describes how a family, a business, or any close-knit organization functions when all members are focused on the success of the other parties — and the whole team — rather than just looking out for themselves. Likewise, at Eagle, we are dedicated to putting a client’s needs first. It’s the very nature of who we are. We want to know your goals, your concerns, and the details of how your operation runs.

Our job is to be here for you.

Even for so-called “lone entrepreneurs,” being a business owner means being a partner — to your clients, your vendors, your team members, and many others. As we give thanks for the family relationships we have enjoyed throughout our lives, it’s a good time to reflect on the relationships you have cultivated as a business owner.

The road ahead has many hazards and many possible avenues toward success. At Eagle, we strive to earn your trust as a companion on this journey, helping you chart the most direct path to your goals. The first step is determining where your business performance ranks right now with our Altitude Assessment.