February Newsletter

Do you know any business owners who have increased the value of their businesses, sold them, and retired early?

We do.

At Eagle Corporate Advisors, we mentor these owners, rolling up our sleeves and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with them to offer the advice, support, and tools necessary to build a clear path to success.

What would it take for you to be ready for such a transition?

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Is your business too dependent on you?

These seven questions will help you evaluate the current role you have in your business, as well as how it impacts your family, your well-being, and your business value.

  1. What would day-to-day operations look like if you suddenly took an extended leave to handle family matters?
  2. What percentage of your time is spent on the front lines, serving customers and making sure things are running smoothly?
  3. Who else in your company holds key information necessary to operations?
  4. How long has it been since your last family vacation that was free of business worries?
  5. When was the last time you took a Friday afternoon off just because you could?
  6. How often do you find yourself working longer hours than the people on your team?
  7. What are your thoughts on developing a management team comprised of a representative from each department?

A close examination of your answers to these questions can lead to a positive shift in your business, helping you develop and implement an effective plan to ensure your business really is a valuable asset.

Empowering your leadership team and employees will free up your time to focus your efforts on more critical aspects of your business. Your energy is better spent developing a clear plan for the future that will increase your effectiveness and put your mind at ease.

Owning and operating a business is hard work that can be stressful and time consuming. Ownership is considered the American Dream, but how is that actually working for you and your loved ones? How is the “dream life” you have created? When will you be able to enjoy the rewards of your work? What are your priorities? What will be your legacy?


  • Your business should not depend on you alone.
  • You should be able to take a worry-free vacation or extended leave of absence.
  • Working to minimize your day-to-day involvement in the details of your business should be a priority.
  • Developing key people who you can trust to effectively run your business is a good place to start.

Let Eagle Corporate Advisors help you get there.

Michael Gerber’s 1986 book “E-Myth: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It” is built around an idea that many business owners find disturbing.

“Once you recognize that the purpose of your life is not to serve your business, but that the primary purpose of your business is to serve your life, you can then go to work on your business, rather than in it, with a full understanding of why it is absolutely necessary for you to do so.”

Gerber’s methods focus on the need for a business to produce results, regardless of who is running it. He draws a clear distinction between the roles of the entrepreneur and the manager, advocating a systematic process as a solution.

Eagle Corporate Advisors works with business owners, like you, ready to overcome obstacles and transform your path to success. Throughout the journey, we work together to create value across your organization and unify your team toward sustainable results.

We do this first by listening and gaining a thorough understanding of the current state and the vision for the future. We leverage our experience and proven process, to create achievable steps and timeframes. The optimal path is achieved through candid conversations as we make the journey together, giving business owners the freedom to choose the path that’s best for them.