Improving Face-to-Face Sales

A successful sales presentation creates unparalleled optimism. The feeling of a handshake when you’ve closed a deal and are embarking on a new business relationship is unbeatable. The benefits of improving your own presentation are undeniable. So, how do you start?  

Do you really believe in your product or service? Your belief in what you do is the most critical component of any presentation you make. After all, if you can’t get excited about your product/service, how can you expect customers to be motivated to buy?

Put yourself in their shoes as you share how your company addresses their needs and how you do that differently and better. The goal is to capture — and keep — your audience’s attention.

Start with three bullet points of the top benefits of your product/service. You may have to reverse engineer your current presentation to discover your core competencies.  

It can be tempting to share most everything you know about your product/service, which could be overwhelming and possibly boring for your prospect. Narrow it down to key points that you can elaborate upon based on their needs.  

Now that you’ve carefully selected your message, it is wise to add graphics or pictures to convey your intentions in addition to words. The use of compelling, original images is better than generic clip art.

If you’re excited about what you’re selling and what it can do for people, let that energize you when discussing your solutions. Becoming more animated is ideal – don’t fight it.

The overall goal is to capture their attention, making a connection with them and drawing them in. Create a tie between your product/service and the prospect, making it clear why what you offer is better than the competition’s offerings and why it is preferable to not buying anything or taking no action.  

Consider video or audio recording your presentation so you can see your final presentation from an outside perspective. Seek feedback, perhaps through a quick survey, or by calling and asking follow-up questions within a couple days. Use this feedback to refine your sales presentation.