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We’d like to focus this issue of The Navigator on public relations. What can it do for your company? A standard ad is designed to show the benefits of using a service or product. Public relations, on the other hand, is designed to inspire one or more media decision-makers to include your voice in their story. Whether it is in an article they’re writing or a story they’re producing, as an expert in your field, your inclusion will increase credibility.

How are you gaining credibility?

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The Value of PR

Building and keeping credibility is key to an effective marketing plan. Public relations (PR) offers the advantage of media delivery rather than content included in a purchased advertisement. In the same way testimonials offer credibility, reporters and editors have made the choice to present you as an expert in your field. The result is a legitimate opportunity to showcase your skills or product. Most of the time, you will need the help of PR professionals to gain positive exposure through the press.

What is the Difference Between Marketing and PR?  

Marketing is the practice of promoting goods or services to customers, clients, partners, and society at large.

PR is the practice of managing and disseminating information to the public through media outlets such as newspapers, magazines, and television in order to tell a story and affect public perception.

Although using marketing to put your brand in front of people is a very effective way to expose others to your products or services, PR helps to establish you as an expert in your field. People learn about you within the context of newsworthy stories.

Now, let’s take a closer look at what effective PR can do for your business.

Building Awareness

PR professionals distribute press releases for your organization, gradually building recognition and awareness. These releases can include announcements of promotions, acquisitions, and highlight activities of your company, which help build a positive image.

Press release illustration

Increasing Credibility and Helping in a Crisis

A lack of public trust in your industry or company can have devastating results. Strong PR planning raises awareness of the honest work being done by a company. Credibility in the public eye takes time and work to build. In the event of a scandal or other crisis, how your business responds will make all the difference. Effective PR campaigns offer a way to counter negative publicity.

Enhancing Online Presence

PR can give you the online exposure that puts your business in front of a large audience. Search engines, like Google, see this type of content as favorable, giving a boost in SEO (search engine optimization), which comes together over time to grow your internet resume.

Stretching Marketing Dollars

Carefully crafted PR messages are a cost-effective way to communicate. It is good to keep in mind it is a process and not all PR makes it to the public eye, but working with PR professionals gives you a better chance at catching the interest of reporters and editors. In 2014, Nielsen, a global leader in media data and analytics, published a study on the role of content in the consumer decision-making process. The study concluded that PR is almost 90% more effective than advertising: “On average, expert content lifted familiarity 88% more than branded content.”

PR allows you to build and maintain relationships with your intended audience, helping you to achieve credibility and the type of reputation that will grow your business.

“Press is never guaranteed and remains unpredictable. You may complete a lengthy interview only to find that you were one of six who were interviewed, and only a very short quote from you was included in the article. You can be misquoted, or quoted out of context. The press will not offer you a chance for final approval – unless it’s a pay-to-play or a guest article opportunity. Also, the flow of news can result in your article being cancelled, or your press conference being sparsely attended.

It takes time to gain exposure, build credibility and work toward winning awards of distinction. A competent PR team will help you in many ways; however, you must start where you are.”

–Tiffannie Bond, PR Director, Imagine Communications

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