May Newsletter

With the current business environment and lack of quality labor, the level to which your employees feel engaged is paramount to the success and growth of your business.

How do you show appreciation to your staff?

When was the last time you invested time or money toward the development of your employees?

What are the benefits of employee training and team building?

How do your employees respond to employee engagement practices?

What signs do your employees show that they feel engaged in the business?

With the launch of new engagement initiatives, you will want to find out how your employees feel, especially if you aren’t seeing clear signs of increased engagement. Employee engagement must go further than checking a box indicating that you provided it — if your employees don’t actually feel engaged, then it doesn’t count.

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GPS: People: Employee Development and Engagement

 Meaningful Engagement

 How rapidly must the skills of your staff develop to keep your company competitive?

Employee development and engagement should be the top priority for business owners. The byproduct is happier and more loyal employees. You must ensure that your team’s skills evolve quickly enough to help you remain relevant, continuing to outperform the competition. Doing so increases employee retention and performance as well as attracting additional employees.

Increase Retention

Companies that offer effective staff development enjoy the benefit of increased employee job satisfaction and improved morale. The cost of retention and training — in both time and money — is far less than the cost of attracting and onboarding new employees. Training current staff is an effective approach to cultivating future leadership from inside your organization.

Improve Employee Performance

Individuals accustomed to building skills within a continually evolving business environment are better prepared to handle unexpected situations. Making strides in employee efficiency with skill-based training focused on new efficiencies or technology, increases performance.

Attract Talent to Your Team

Individuals are attracted to roles that offer training and development. Potential employees are drawn to companies that ensure industry relevance for them personally and as a company.  This proves to the new employees that you care about helping them reach their goals.

The benefits of employee development dramatically outweigh the costs. As with any process you implement, plan to monitor the outcomes, make adjustments, and fine tune, aiming for the results you know you can achieve.

Q:   What are new ways I can show appreciation to my staff so they will be more engaged?

A:   There are so many ways! You can’t implement all the ideas all the time, of course, but take inspiration from the following list, and be sure to add your own personal touch. 

  1. Plan a learning and team-building retreat. Don’t forget fun and surprises!
  2. Tell your employees you appreciate them. Say it out loud or in writing.
  3. Ask team members what they need to do their jobs better. For instance,   inquire if they are comfortable at their work stations.
  4. Take teams to lunch, order in, or hire caterers. Everyone loves a great lunch!
  5. Offer development opportunities, such as sending employees to a leadership conference. These can be saved for rewards or for training future leaders.
  6. Offer wellness opportunities such as gym memberships or a Friday yoga class.
  7. Celebrate employee birthdays and hiring anniversaries with parties and gift cards. Recognizing work anniversaries can aid in retention as there are employees who resign near these dates.
  8. Buy a trophy to be passed from one outstanding employee to another. This could be a standard trophy or something fun, like an extra-large plastic company mascot. Let the employees name the award of recognition.
  9. Improve your company culture by allowing employees a voice and a vote. Is there an opportunity for employees to choose their projects?
  10. Create and implement an employee mentoring program.

––Brian Mohler, Eagle Corporate Advisors

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