June Newsletter

Competitiveness isn’t always the best mindset, especially if you lean toward a take-no-prisoners mentality. After all, business is not a zero-sum game — it’s infinitely expandable.

When your approach is based around the paradigm that there are enough resources and successes for all to share, you can more easily see all the possible solutions regardless of the challenges you are facing.

If the current challenges you face include a shortage of materials, supplies, talent or customers, it’s time to take a closer look at the big picture. It’s ultimately up to you as The Owner to create an abundance of what your company needs — and it’s easier to do that with a positive outlook. However, optimism alone won’t be enough; you’ll have to follow it with resourcefulness, determination and pure and simple hard work.

This month’s Navigator includes an introduction to protecting your business from shortages through examination and planning. We also deliver inspiration for establishing lasting sales relationships. Enjoy the abundance!

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GPS: Operations

GPS: Operations: How to Protect Yourself from Shortages

According to a survey conducted by the Institute for Supply Management, three in every four U.S. businesses have reported supply chain disruptions in the past year.

Periodic shortages and the problems that follow certainly offset the opportunities presented by our global supply chain. Contingency planning mitigates risk, whether from issues caused by a cargo ship blockage, recalls, a trade war, or a global pandemic. In addition to serious, strategic planning, it’s crucial to take proactive measures to protect your future.

Identify vulnerabilities in your supply chain

To do this effectively, you must look beyond the first and second tiers of your supply chain, including distributors and logistics. This is time consuming and will likely involve financial investment to do correctly; however, the alternative is the devastating cost of a major and unexpected disruption. When you depend on a single supplier for a crucial component or material, you are left without protection when change occurs. Sole suppliers relying on a single manufacturing facility create an even greater risk.

Diversify, diversify, diversify

Once you’ve identified risk caused by heavy dependence on a source — be it a supplier, a factory, or even a region — the best way to address this is to add additional sources that are not vulnerable to the same risks. If you simply cannot accomplish this with reasonable speed, look at building a certain inventory to insure against this risk.

Put smart analytics to work

Through data sharing, supply chain management software can reduce your costs and improve product time-to-market, while helping you plan and better manage your current resources. Your initial product and training investment in supply chain management software can really pay off.

The steps described above are simply a basic outline. They’re meant as an introduction, and also, as a call to action for those needing a push to prevent a catastrophe. To learn more about how these steps apply to your specific industry and operation, give us a call.

What do you see as key to building lasting sales relationships?

“The key to building lasting sales relationships is to build trust first —
Trust that you are really interested in the whole success of your potential client.
Trust that you really want to learn about your client’s needs.
Trust that your client sees you as more than just a deal.
Trust that you’ll do what you say you will and that you’ll say what you will do.
Trust that you’ll consistently treat others as you want to be treated.
Trust that you will tell your client the good as well as the concerns to look for.
Trust that if things go wrong, you will be there to help fix it.
Trust that your client will refer you to their friends and clients.
Trust that you are a positive opportunity for your clients.

Once you have established trust, you have established a lifetime of sales opportunities with that client and with those whom they will happily refer to you.”

– Larry Long
Business Development

What do you see as key to building lasting sales relationships?

“Our key to building lasting sales relationships is providing a competitive estimate for a given project and having the talent and resources to execute and perform the scopes of work on a rigorous construction schedule. Long term relationships are created, and they remain intact.”

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– Lex Dutson

Whether it is a materials shortage or the loss of a key account, businesses have storms to weather. As an Owner, your time and energy are wisely spent on contingency planning, increasing your ability to sail smoothly through these storms. The very best plans for you and your business are built upon your true self and the big picture of what it is you really want to achieve.

Eagle offers custom-tailored expert planning, advice and introductions from a team that takes the time to understand what it really means to be in your shoes. Together, we will clarify and apply your ambitions, connecting you with your target.

Ensuring progress toward your end goal and keeping you on track with your new plan for growth — that’s how we serve.

Seek expertise. Reap long term benefits.