Peace of Mind, Even When Disaster Strikes

When we begin working with a business owner, our first step is determining the “de-risking” measures needed to solidify the company’s foundation. We initiate this challenging conversation by asking important questions that tie into a group of challenges we call “The Five D’s”Disagreement, DivorceDisability, Distress and Death.

The crucial plans and documents that need to be put in place (or updated) include many of the following:

  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Business valuation procedures
  • Cashflow forecasts
  • Contingency plan documents
  • Leadership succession plans
  • Operating agreements, partners’ agreements or shareholders’ agreements
  • Property, disability and life insurances
  • Trust & estate plans

The Five D’s are the unfortunate realities of life that can blindside you, adversely impacting many lives when the right plans are not in place ahead of time.