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Value Enhancement Services

Value enhancement implements a change, creating long term benefits for you. The valuation process combines the knowledge we acquire though the discovery of key value drivers within a company, along with our expertise in process improvement. This enables us to provide you with a plan for improving the value of your company.

Big changes — especially in larger companies — don’t happen overnight. Our individualized approach to helping you make big changes and sound business decisions is methodical and incremental, and it keeps your long-term goal in mind at all times.

One of these worthwhile goals is “ice cream money” – the discretionary income that all business owners want. When your business’ structure is DESIGNED to be sustainable, profitable and functional, that’s when you can start taking the “ice cream money” without detriment.

When we begin working with a new client, there’s much foundational work to be done. The client’s core leaders start by going through an assessment process covering everything from your financials to your systems, to internal succession planning. Concurrently, our team begins learning everything possible about your business through our own observations and inquiry, connecting with all stakeholders involved in and around your business, from bankers to customers and employees to vendors.

Once completed, we outline and provide a detailed plan — including tracking methods and achievable metrics — to improve the worth of your company.

The following are the principle value drivers we implement to help your business thrive:

A company with a strong vision and mission supported by a fully-developed business plan and an understanding of its target market, competition and barriers to entry, has significant advantage and value over other companies. This includes the steps taken for product and service development, as well as meeting the needs of increasing demand.

Your company value is increased when it has an active board of directors (or board of advisors) and a cooperative senior management team that effectively communicates within a positive culture. This includes adequate succession planning for the senior team and career advancement plans for those who will be filling these roles in the future.

We increase your business’ ability to deliver on sales through a better-equipped sales team and strategy that meets the needs of the marketplace in a systematic and process-driven manner.

To perform at a higher level, the branding and marketing presence of your company needs to be implemented just as effectively as it is envisioned in your thorough marketing plan, with accurate and timely information.

Your business value depends on its ability to hire, develop, and retain quality individuals. The right people can strengthen culture, ethics, customer relations, production, innovation and other aspects of operations, all of which adds to your company value.

When your organization has the systems and processes in place to deliver on the promises made to your customers in an efficient manner, along with the ability to scale up into new markets, you have increased value over your competitors.

The value of your business depends on the condition of your company’s financial matters and your ability to follow best practices. These include clean, readable financial statements and operating reports, along with adequate and sustainable tax, insurance and banking strategies.

There is significant value in having all your legal matters in order and documented. Examples include proper filings, minutes, licenses, disclosures and intellectual property protections. Should claims against your company arise, you need a process in place to handle liability issues. You need contracts with key customers, suppliers, advisors, contractors and employees, along with agreements with all investors.